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A VW Golf Has Been Sold Every 41 Seconds Since 1974

Here it is, the car that started the hot hatch revolution: the VW Golf. As of the end of last month, the Golf turned 45, and for each of those years, has been produced in the massively popular Wolfsburg factory in Germany.

Over 35 million Golfs have been sold all over the world, but this statistic wasn’t enough for the bright sparks at VW who wanted to put this more into context. They’ve told us that this equates to one new Golf being sold every 41 seconds, which is on average about 780,000 a year. To put this into more context, 1 or 2 new Golfs have been sold since you started reading this article. Crazy, eh?

With this year signifying the launch of the Mk8 before going on sale in 2020, these statistics have acted as a massive confidence boost to the German brand who are constantly trying to push the Golf name into the future. The Mk8 will feature some hybrid systems and a host of new tech which will surely leave some competitors in the dust.

There will of course be a new GTI version to look forward to, and maybe even a fully electric version for those who are eco-persuaded.

VW COO Ralf Brandstatter spoke about the 45th anniversary of the Golf. He said,

“The Golf is at the very heart of our brand. It stands for progress and technology like no other car…the Golf made safety technology affordable for millions of people for the first time. Thanks to this, it made its mark on an entire generation.”

We can’t wait to see how the new Golf turns out. Maybe a review is in order?

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