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The Grand Tour Insults Argentina Five Years After Top Gear Controversy

Oh dear, it’s happened again and people aren’t happy… Even we have had email complaints about this, and of course the media have gone mad over it. The Grand Tour has insulted Argentina, and because they have quite the history with the country, things have been blown out of proportion.

Richard Hammond has reignited the feud between the Clarkson, Hammond and May trio and Argentina by calling the country ‘God’s cesspit’. It’s only been five years since the Patagonia Special episode of Top Gear where Clarkson drove through the country with a numberplate reading ‘H982FKL’, which Argentinians thought was a reference to the Falklands War.

While the Top Gear team had always denied that it was a planned part of the episode, Clarkson later said that he should have returned with a number place saying ‘W3 WON’. Obviously there’s still a grudge with Hammond bringing up the country again.

During a tent segment Clarkson turns to Hammond and May and asks,

“You know how we’ve always said Canada is God’s pantry and that Saudi Arabia is his petrol station?’

Hammond interrupts with. yeah, Lancashire is his cupboard under the stairs, our tent’s about to blow down… Argentina is his cesspit.”

The trio nod to the audience as they burst into laughter.

Thankfully, unlike last time where the trio were threatened with three years in an Argentinian prison, nothing more have come of this. But maybe they should put this grudge to bed? Let us know what you think.

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  1. I am going to 100 percent honest here . As an american we have had jokes about ww2 and several other wars . And we are insulted daily . The diffrence is we have thick skin amd can take a joke . As far as iam concerned argentina treated them like complete shit even after they tried to make there shit hole country seem beautifal and inviteing . So as far as iam concerned argentina can look both ways before theu go fu*k themselfs !!.

  2. Seriously, Hammond can’t go two days without saying something stupid. He can’t let sleeping dogs lie. And in all honesty, neither can Mr. Joe.

  3. This is the trouble these days, someone speaks the truth and it offends someone else. At least the never his Nazi war criminals for 40 odd years….oh.

    1. This is exactly the problem with people like you; you never learn when to shut your mouths. You just want to dismiss everything with sarcasm, because the reality is too harsh for you.

    1. Dude, the Falklands War is no “butthurt matter.” In all seriousness, the boys should have left sleeping dogs lie.

    2. If you wanna dismiss the Falklands War as being a little butthurt, you’re shrugging off what was a big issue as if it was a little problem.

      Seriously, the boys should have left sleeping dogs lie.

    3. totally agree: there is enough real and threatening discrimination, in this world, to deal with, already!

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