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Jeremy Clarkson: The Grand Tour Presenter Has Changed His Mind On Climate Change

Jeremy Clarkson has once again taken it upon himself to tackle some of mankind’s most pressing issues. The Grand Tour host has quite the rap sheet when it comes to taking on pressing issues…and maybe some, not so pressing.

He has solved the issues of public transport, discovered the true source of the river Nile, and even discovered the greatest driving road… in the world. Now Jeremy takes on perhaps his biggest adversary yet, climate change. 

Top Gear and Grand Tour enthusiasts will be the first to point out this is not Clarkson’s first attempt at resolving climate change, or even second. In the past Jeremy and his team have pioneered the innovation of the modern-day hybrid engine, most likely saving many polar bears. The technology they developed then, in their hybrid masterpiece “Geoff”, is still used today by companies like Porsche and McLaren.

The innovation doesn’t even stop there! As you may remember, Clarksons CO2 Greenhouse attachment (trailer) converted the exhaust from a range rover into “Juicy Tomato Plants.” However, this project ended in disaster when the greenhouse disintegrated on the track when introduced to speed and when James May pointed out you would need just 400,000 tomato plants to absorb all that exhaust. 

Despite these minor failures, Clarkson is once again the voice of reason on a major issue. In his recent article, he published with the Sun, Clarkson explains how “if we lose our insects, however, we are in for a very bumpy ride.” This unexpected concern for the environment could have been prompted by his recent farming endeavor, Diddly Squat.

In an effort to combat the decline in flying insects (a whopping 75% in the last 30 years) Clarkson has said “I spend most of my time farming these days… I started the year with 5 beehives, and now there are 25.”

With the world seemingly ending in 2020, even Jeremy Clarkson is starting to take things seriously and do his part. Are you doing yours?

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  1. you have to be pretty seriously stupid to not recognize climate change as an issue at this point. what is still in question is how much human beings have exasperated this cycle. that being said, a vegetable… literally can tell it’s worse than other cycles in the past.

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