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Aston Martin DB5 “Goldfinger” Returning In Limited Run Of 25 Bond Cars

Sometimes you need to take out your inner spy, and there is no better way then driving around in the iconic Aston Martin DB5, which James Bond drives in Goldfinger. Unfortunately Aston Martin only made about 900 DB5s in before shutting the production down in 1965.

That was, until now. Aston has teamed up with the production company behind the 007 films, to make a limited-run of just 25 gadget-complete DB5 Goldfinger continuations.

The cars will have a picture-accurate Silver Birch paint job, and the OG 4.0L inline-six, with a trio of SU carburetors and a six-plug head. The 290 horsepower engine will come matched to a five-speed manual transmission, and RWD.


“Normal” driving-gadgets include servo-assisted disk brakes, limited-slip diff., coil-over springs, front anti-roll bars, a live rear axle, and rack and pinion steering.

On the other hand, spy gadgets are also included. Aston Martin’s including rear smoke screen, oil slick shooters, revolving triple license plates, a tire slasher, battering rams, bullet resistant shield, and two machine guns on the front.

While those come standard on these 25 cars, just like the one Bond drove… they aren’t real of course, and likely function just as props.

Optional gadgets can also be fitted, like the removable passenger seat cover, needed if you want to eject anybody, and an under-seat weapons tray. You can have a “radar-screen” fitted, as well as a driver’s door telephone, and a series of cool knobs and switches.

Of course we all want working machine guns, and not dumby gadgets. Especially since these hand-made cars will cost $3.37 million, before options! If you do find yourself importing one of these to the states, you could probably afford to fit real machine guns… but that’s none of my business.


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