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Mate Rimac Reveals The Future Of The Bugatti & Rimac Partnership With A Number Of New Hypercars

Last year, Bugatti and Rimac joined forces. And this was very exciting because arguably Rimac is one of the greatest car companies in the world. Bugatti is also one of the greatest car companies in the world, so this venture already looks to be panning out pretty nicely. Oh, and then Porsche joined the team with all three being ruled by the brilliant Mate Rimac. Now, they’ve given us an idea as to what’s coming over the next year or so.

Mate has shared a short video that teases what these companies have coming, and if you look closely at some of the angles and contours underneath the car covers, you’d be as excited as us. Will we see the next era of Chiron/Veyron? And will we finally get our eyes on the Bugatti Bolide? I hope so.

Fortunately, we’ll see the first car breaking cover this year, 2022.

The Croatian CEO Mate Rimac has been assigned the enormous responsibility of creating a worthy successor to the Bugatti Chiron. We believe that this could well use a hybrid powertrain, but regardless, he has teased us with an intriguing image depicting the evolution of Bugatti and Rimac over time.

The video showed us a vague image, which revealed the upcoming Bugatti and Rimac models albeit hidden under covers. The Royale, a Type 35, and the iconic Type 575C Atlantic were sat on the left. The centre was made up of the Bugatti Chiron and Veyron, with the Concept-One and Nevera made by Rimac sitting proudly next to them.

The most interesting part of the video is what’s hidden on the right side. These three covered cars look to be the classic-looking car that Bugatti teased a while back, the Type 356, and what we expect to be an EV or two as well as the Chiron successor.

The future of the hypercar is certainly in good hands.

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