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Audi Working On All-Electric R8 With Input From Rimac

As electrification starts to lunge its way into most automaker’s priority lists, they face the dilemma of choosing which cars they change to keep up with the times. It’s even worse when a marque’s halo car is one of the most known cars in the world.

Yep, I’m talking about the Audi R8, which began its life in 2006 and slowly became one of the most popular supercars of the modern era. How does Audi change what seems to be the perfect car? And how does the company admit that it could be going electric? Especially when the original V8 was one hell of a sweet motor, and is looking to be an incredibly sought after powertrain.

Audi Working On All-Electric R8 With Input From Rimac

What if we told you they were getting in touch with Rimac to build the next generation of R8? That’s certainly sweetening the deal!

Reports suggest that Audi are building a two-seater electric replacement for the much loved R8 dubbed the RS e-Tron. With the help of Mate Rimac and his incredible team of engineers, Audi will be equipping this new supercar with four electric motors, which together will sing to the tune of 950bhp. Paired with an all-aluminium monocoque, this power should be able to ferry it to 60mph in just 2.5 seconds, while still having a comfortable R8-esque interior.

With Audi embracing Rimac technology, not only will we expect top-notch performance, but a lower price tag, too compared to a bespoke powertrain. Prices are expected to start at around ¢200,000, with the release of the car teased for 2024, but if that’s too long, an Audi TT all-electric counterpart named the e-Tron GT could be here as early as next year.

And hey, how about a Le Mans version?

Audi Working On All-Electric R8 With Input From Rimac

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