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This Is How Not To Drag Race A Bugatti Chiron

What’s better than owning a Bugatti Chiron? Driving a Bugatti Chiron. And that’s exactly what this guy did at a drag strip accompanied by the guys from the Drag Times fellas. But just as they were about to rocket the German car down the strip, the car refused to show off its immense power and bogged down.

What should be quite an easy car to drive became a problematic pig after its ECU intervenes with the throttle control and barely allowed it past 40mph before it finally letting it loose. Instead of merely planting the right pedal, it turns out you need to fiddle with the endless knobs and electronics this car uses to fine tune its performance – or in this case, shoot itself in the foot.

the team eventually get to grips with the launch control however, and after hitting 60mph in just 2.66 seconds, complete the quarter mile in 9.9 seconds at 149mph. While this is more than fast enough, it’s still nearly 2 seconds slow to 60 than Bugatti have advertised. There may be room for improvement in the team’s launch, but that will have to be seen in a later video.


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