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Baby Wildebeast Thinks Hyundai Tucson Is Its Mother

Here’s your “awwwww” moment for the day: a baby wildebeest mistakes this Hyundai Tucson for a part of its herd, and it’s all caught on camera.

Now, while this video is cute, it’s also a bit concerning because there’s a confused baby animal running about with no herd in sight, but worry not, the story ends with mother/baby reunion.

After being separated from its herd during their yearly migration in Africa, the baby began to follow passing cars. Someone was able to film some footage of the baby, who took a particular liking to a blue Hyundai Tucson.

The calf can be seen struggling to keep up with the Tucson, at one point even stopped to attempt to suckle from one of the tires. I know, it was pretty darn cute.

NatGeo states that wildebeests migrate northward during the months of May and June in a literal search for greener pastures. Wildebeests have a natural herding instinct, which may explain why the baby decided to follow the car. This instinct usually causes the calves to follow a larger object, typically an adult wildebeest.

The video was captured by Zaheer and Asma Ali, who were driving through Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in South Africa. It’s quite amazing watching the calf keeping pace with the car, stopping whenever it stops and speeding up to keep in close vicinity (or at least trying to).

The video ends with the herd reappearing and reclaiming the baby, who finally gets that milk it has been craving.

Alex Harrington

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