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BMW X5 Rams Biker Before Being Blocked By Other Aggressive In Dramatic Move

It was only a few years ago when very few people on the road had a dashcam in their car. But nowadays, you’d be pushed to identify a chain of cars without at least one recording what’s going down on the road.

We can’t pretend that a lot of these are wasted, and can even cause bad driving when recording drivers purposely put themselves in danger to record a video for YouTube, but for insurance purposes, they are invaluable.

In this video caught by a dashcam (and unsurprisingly posted to YouTube), the driver of a BMW X5 rams a biker in what looks like a purposeful move, and then once the biker is down on the floor, speeds away. Thankfully, a couple of cars further up the road see this, and proceed to block the BMW from escaping. Fortunately, it wasn’t reported that the biker sustained any injuries from this incident.

Watch below:

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