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Corvette C8 Now Can Be Fitted With Vertical-Opening ‘Lamborghini’ Doors

Oh boy, if you’ve picked up a new Corvette C8, and assumed you were done spending money for a little while… well take a seat. Vertical Doors Inc. has gone and released their new full kit to modify your regular, not-so-special, C8 doors into verially opening Lamborghini-style openers.

The kit itself is on sale for $2,899, but Eikōn Motorsports out of Scottsdale, Arizona is selling a special installation pre order for $4,300.

Where the kit does come with everything you should need to get your Corvette rocking the butterfly look- including mounting hardware, the hinges, and the shocks needed to keep the doors opened- the task may not be as easy as you’d think.

Eikōn has posted a video update of their installation process, and even though the hardware is already made with the correct door-mount bolt pattern, some fabrication seems necessary. Some bits get in the way of the mount, and also elements like the wiring need to be routed.

That being said, the kit looks high quality. It uses domestic steel, and comes with a lifetime warranty. It also is a process that can be totally reversed, if you chose to in the future, even though that may leave some scars where the render has to be modified to make it fit.



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