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James May Takes A Tour Of TJ Hunt’s Garage

James May took the the internet for a virtual tour of influencer TJ Hunt’s car collection. He opens the video by saying the reasoning was that he recently roasted Hunt’s Ferrari 458, which was “modified.”

The two share a beer and coffee over video conference, while TJ gets ready to show James what he’s got!

Even though he Ferrari, which set off May’s roasting, has been sold, Hunt does have quite the collection.

Notably, Hunt has a Corvette C8, which he is adding twin turbos to. May interjects to see if that recommended or “wise,” and they have an interesting conversation about the difference between American and European engines.

Hunt also has a ’93 Supra, which he imported in right-hand drive from Japan from its first owner. He thought he would keep it stock… which didn’t last. As May puts it, TJ “Scribbled on an artwork,” by building the head, messing with the cams, lifters and springs, and adding a body kit.

Hunt’s collection is pretty Asian-centric, with a Subaru BRZ, with “literally nothing like it,” heavily modded to make 450 hp.

He has a both a Nissan 370Z and 350Z which makes 600 hp, which he drifts at competition.

Hunt and May also discuss the yellow color choice of TJ’s dream car, a Lamborghini Aventador.

While we really cannot wait for the guys to get back to filming more traditional content, it is nice to have them upload a quick video every once and awhile. The concept of having them video conference with car collectors could become a regular feature, since it’s so cheap and easy to produce.

What personalities and/or celebrities could you invision Clarkson, May, or Hammond getting virtually together with for a garage tour?

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