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Corvette Gets Smoked Out After Flipping Off Truck Driver

A rather confident and dare we say cocky Chevrolet Corvette owner got their just desserts for being rather rude to a truck driver and being the subject of the truck drivers exacting revenge.

The video, posted back in 2018, comes from a highway in the United States. There is traffic and you can see the truck driver sitting in the queue and the Corvette driver behind them… flipping them off.

Most people, including myself, wouldn’t have the cajones to do what the truck driver did next and that is to royally mug off the cocky Corvette driver. The driver clearly notices the Corvette’s window is open and the perfect opportunity has arisen.. to smoke them out.

To be honest, if Grand Tour Nation are adjudicating this one, we’re going to say the Corvette driver probably deserved it.. everyone is stuck in traffic and no one can move, so what is the point of sitting there flipping people off? If you’d like to judge for yourself, you can see the full video below.

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