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Disney and Pixar Take a Dark Tone With Cars 3 Trailer

The U.S. trailer for the new Disney-Pixar film, Cars 3, recently debuted. It looks as though Disney has decided to take a darker, more serious tone with this film, possibly following the success of other Disney films with a similar style like the massively successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

The trailer is a bit vague on details, but it shows McQueen and others racing around a classic NASCAR style circle track. As the trailer progresses, we seem to hear a different sound, or maybe a lack of one. It looks as though the circle track cars are up against a new foe in the form of an electric race car!

Elon Musk is probably grinning ear to ear.

Are you a fan of the Cars films? The previous movies in the series have been great family films, and I would venture to say there are more than a few petrol heads who are closet fans of the series. Disney-Pixar seldom disappoint with their movies, and this one, I dare say, will follow suit and be another great movie.

The big question is whether or not Disney will bring back Jeremy Clarkson to do some voice over work as Lightning McQueen’s british agent.

What did you think of the trailer? Does it seem like the movie has a darker tone? Let us know in the comments!

Source: YouTube

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