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A Closer Look at the BMW M2 from The Grand Tour’s First Episode

The Grand Tour is finally here and we couldn’t be any happier! We were treated with laughs, tears, fights but mostly with amazing reviews of some great cars. To start off, I want to touch up on some key points and shine a spotlight on the M2 that Jeremy absolutely loved.

For those of you who have watched the first episode, we saw that the M2 was the first car to be reviewed and put around the new “Eboladrone” test track. So of all the cars that could have been chosen, why this one? Mr. Clarkson has an answer for you.

“I think that this is the best M car that BMW has ever made.” – Clarkson

So what makes this M2 the best? Is it it’s back to the basics approach to what a fast car should be? Is it the tight handling the you’re reminded of when you’re taking a bend at 70mph? Or is it all of the above?

Credit: The Grand Tour
Credit: The Grand Tour

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First Glance

At first glance, you may have noticed the wider stance with the puffed out wheel arches and the gorgeous M body kit making this new M stand out from the other 2 series. Diving in a little deeper you’ll find out that BMW’s new compact M coupe harnesses a turbo charged 3.0 litre inline 6 cylinder that punches out 365 horsepower and 343 lb-ft of torque. That’s enough juice to rocket you to 60 mph, through an optional seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, in just 4 seconds.

The Exterior

The big differences you get on the M2 vs the 2 series are lightweight 19-inch forged wheels taken straight from the M4, (as well as aluminum suspension components, the limited-slip differential and the brakes). To fit these massive wheels BMW had to stretch and puff out the wheel arches, (remind you of old school M logic?). To finish the outside looks, the M2 received an aggressive front and rear bumper that adds to the “get out of my way” fenders.


The Interior

Although the interior didn’t quite get the makeover the exterior did, it did receive adjustable bolsters to the seats and some cosmetic changes such as carbon trim in as many places as possible and blue stitching on the steering wheel, and seats. Oh did I mention there’s multiple M badges on just about everything you can see / touch?? Who’d have thought…?? All silliness aside, the 2 series already offered an extremely comfortable cabin so there wasn’t much need for change.

The M2 comes standard with a magnificent 6 speed manual transmission with carbon-fiber friction lining and a precise rev-matching system making shifting as smooth as butter on a hot day. If a manual trans isn’t you’re cup of tea, BMW does offer an optional automatic 7-speed M Double Clutch, which combines two gearboxes for very quick and smooth gear changes as well.

The Engine

Ah, now to the heart of the beast. This beautiful sounding powerhouse has been stripped of all ‘unnecessary’ and brought back to the fundamental principles of performance driving. It delivers 365 hp at 6500 rpm through a 3 liter inline 6 cylinder that has a TwinScroll turbocharger attached that delivers an amazing 343 lb-ft of torque with virtually no lag.

Add to that, the Overboost which pushes performance a bit more by providing an additional 27 lb-ft. Add all this together and the M-specific twin-tailpipe exhaust system and you have music that would put a smile on even the grumpiest face out there.

Final thoughts

When all is said and done BMW sure did an amazing job at really taking us back to the true glory days of the M series. Yes this car is fully of technology and has all sorts of buttons and knobs and gadgets, but when you’re on the open road or twisting your way through a canyon, the M2 is truly the best M for the money.

Below we have a special treat for you. A video of the interior, exterior, sights and sounds of the M2.  Made by our friends over at Everyday Driver:



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