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Dodge Challenger Hellcat Sets Speeding Ticket Record In Michigan

In the neverending saga of Dodge Challenger drivers speeding during lockdown, there can only be one champion. For the love of all that is good in this world, let’s proclaim this Michigan man, who was clocked at 180 mph in a 70 mph zone, as the speediest freak of them all. Maybe then, we can return safely to the streets.

Of course, going 110 mph over the speed limit won’t win you any prizes, but it did earn the driver of this particular Dodge Challenger the record for fastest speeding violation in the state’s history. Luckily for him, the penalty was an unusually small $180 (does Michigan just fine you the same as your speed?!) ticket and four points on his license. Apparently the state police didn’t think this justified a reckless-driving charge.

After using radar to confirm the Challenger’s speed, the police were only able to stop the vehicle by radioing down to cruisers further down I-75S. Had that not been the case, it is unlikely the driver would have been caught, since this was at almost midnight on Sunday the 19th.

We may never know the identity of this mad lad; as usual his ticket was redacted to obscure his identity. If you know any hazel-eyed, 6’3″, 180 lb, man with brown hair – who drives a Hellcat but seems shaken up the last week…tell him to chill out!

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