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This Front-Engined McLaren Is Exactly What We Need

Ever wondered what a brand new, front-engined McLaren would look like? Well today is your lucky day as that is exactly what we’re bringing you in the form of this rendering thanks to J.B.Cars on Instagram.

Now, we’re sure that this will divide opinion – the purest’s out there will think it’s abhorrent to have such a vehicle, while pretty much everyone else will give this vehicle its dues as quite frankly we think it looks great.

As many of you will know, McLaren have never made a front-engined vehicle before, unless you count another render we featured for the McLaren GT Shooting Break, but you can rest assured that’ll never see the production line.

Do you think McLaren will ever create a front-engined vehicle to challenge the likes of the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera? Probably not, but we’ll be waiting patiently just in case it is on the cards – if you’re reading McLaren, let’s make this thing a reality!

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