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Lamborghini Tease Its Gran Turismo Concept With Incredible Exhaust Sound

Lamborghini has joined the long list of manufacturers who have designed a Vision Gran Turismo concept car. Jaguar has recently revealed theirs, but Lamborghini is drawing out its marketing with a sound clip, and it has sparked our curiosity. Listen below.

We really don’t have to wait long, with the car’s official unveiling happening in only a few days on the 24th of November, but straight away we can see its angular rear lights and what looks to be an intimidating rear diffusor. And after a digital whirring as the lights begin to glow, you can hear a traditional V12 Lamborghini powertrain.

As these designs are only digital and not made for real life, it enables manufacturers to push the boundaries of what can physically be done. Road-going legalities go out the window, as does the current limit of technology – although all manufacturers who have produced something like this always like to tell us it can be built if they really wanted to. Of course, none of them do actually build it.

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Despite this, we’re extremely excited to see what design Lamborghini takes with this Gran Turismo racing game-only concept. What powertrain have they chosen? Possibly hybrid from the sounds of things. Only a few more days and we’ll know it all.

Alex Harrington

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