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Ferrari Working On An All-Electric Hypercar After Recent Patents Exposed

While we’ve heard that Ferrari isn’t interested in an all-electric hypercar until 2025, new patents suggest that the Italian marque hasn’t quite kept that promise. A patent that was filed by Ferrari with the European Patent Office was dug up by a member of a Porsche Taycan forum, and it shows what Ferrari could be up to behind the scenes.

The application covers several designs, one being a modular motor that consists of the motor and a gearbox, with one motor sitting at each wheel. This will obviously create an AWD system with what we’d expect to be full control over each wheel’s speed and braking.

The patent also suggests a motor that can be used on the front axle while an internal combustion engine powers the rear. Obviously, hybrid power is in Ferrari’s future, just like the SF90 Stradale. No part of the patent comments on the use of a battery, which makes sense after Camilleri commented last year on the fact that no battery technology was good enough for their use, yet. The marque seems to be working on its powertrain first, and the battery and power source will be integrated into the system later down the line. It could be it’s waiting for a solid-state battery.

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Ferrari’s first EV is more than likely going to be of a Grand Tourer style like the Ferrari 812 and Roma. This could mean that its supercars are going to continue to be powered by a combustion engine for the time being, with its hypercars undergoing the change to batteries. Eventually, by 2022, Ferrari plans for 60% of its portfolio to be electrified.

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