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First Look At The McLaren Elva With Top Gear

We recently talked you through the new McLaren Elva, the lightest car yet from the British marque. It’s even lighter than the 1,198kg Senna, which is saying a lot, although the exact kerb weight hasn’t been revealed. Top Gear has been able to get their hands on an example, and while they haven’t been able to drive it, Jack Rix was able to talk us through the car further with a video.

First things first, it’s a beautiful car. I’d like to see it with the wind deflector that’s sat on the bonnet extended, but as far as the design goes, it isn’t hindered by the fact it hasn’t got a windscreen, unlike plenty of other windscreen-less cars before it. At the rear, its exhaust exits have been placed and directed with purpose to not only produce a gnarly engine note, but to also allow the note to spread to the cockpit for the driver to enjoy.

The underside of the car is what gives it its downforce. There’s only so much the top can do without a windscreen or roof, or even a wing, so the huge diffusor at the rear hangs prominently and certainly doesn’t lack drama. To help with the aerodynamics, the body is smoothed with wrap-around carbon being used a lot in the overall design. This reduces drag and gives it a very individual look unlike almost every car on the road.

The McLaren Elva Is Their Lightest Production Car Yet

The inside is equally as simple and sparse with the body colour leaking into the interior. A floating screen sits in the middle of the dash, and the wheel is void of buttons. Of course, visibility out of the car is incredible with no pillars blocking your view, the speakers sit behind your head because they’d be useless on the doors, and the vents sit by your knees to be more efficient. In fact, looking at it in detail, it’s extremely luxurious, despite its lack of creature comforts.

At £1.425 million each, the 399 units being sold are rather pricy, but with the market being billionaires who have more money than there is water in the ocean, these cars will be sold before you know it.

Alex Harrington

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