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Four Kids Caused $800k Worth Of Damage In CarMax Lot

Four kids have been arrested and charged after breaking into a CarMax lot and causing $800,000 worth of damage to vehicles. According to reports, they managed to steal the keys for the court, and progress to driving them around the forecourt crashing them into the other. Like a Destruction Derby, but with a few more zeros.

On fleeing the scene, the boys were taken down by a police dog which had been dispatched once the police had arrived. Unfortunately, by this time the police force was too late, and the boys had damaged more than 20 expensive cars. As you can see from the photos, this includes a Corvette ZO6 and a Challenger Scat Pack. Not just your Mum’s Peugeot here. It’s also been said that a 986 Porsche Cayman and Ford Mustang had been involved in the ruckus.

This all happened during the night at the CarMax dealership off the North Freeway in Houston’s North View. But to those of you who are angered by this, take solace in the fact that one of the kids is said to have sustained a bite to the head when fleeing from the trained police dog.

Those arrested were at once sent to Harris County Juvenile Detention Center and charged with charged with first-degree felony criminal mischief. Regarding age, they’ve only been described as being ‘underage’, so we would think a hefty bit of community service is in order. This is also why their names haven’t been released.

While we’re all for a bit of fun at GTN, we can’t quite understand this. Maybe next time they should stick to bumper cars. Or buy some LEGO on Amazon instead.


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