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The Grand Tour: Jeremy Clarkson Praises TikTok In Recent Column And Slams BBC

Jeremy Clarkson has slammed the BBC once again after the revealing of OfCom’s 2020 report that showed that half of people in England between the ages of 16 and 34 don’t regularly watch the BBC. Now, The Grand Tour presenter has said that the BBC is “desperately trying to woo these younger people by getting more and more right on”, but in doing this, the “problem has been made worse”.

The ex-Top Gear presenter states that this strategy “alienates the only audience they have left: Oldies”. He uses the show, Antiques Roadshow as an example:

He said: “I look at all the ‘experts’ on the Antiques Roadshow and think, ‘Yes, you are demographically correct, but do you actually know anything about antiques?’”

Clarkson also states that he’s getting “fed up” by the onslaught of messages about climate change.

“It’s so relentless that usually I turn over to watch Amazon or Netflix instead,” he writes in his column for The Sun. He continues further on their choice of comedians and how they are only chosen on “how they look and what they joke about”.


“You do gags about Keir Starmer or Marcus Rashford and you’re not getting on,” he writes. Then, in a weird turn from Clarkson, he praises the app TikTok, specifically one user Clara Batten who has been giving daily updates throughout lockdown. But he insists that she’d never make it onto the BBC because “she is way too well spoken and middle class”.

It’s no secret that Jeremy Clarkson has had a history with the BBC with his Top Gear career coming to a sudden end after he punched producer Oisin Tymon. His contract was not extended, with him and fellow presenters Richard Hammond and James May eventually moving to Amazon to produce the car show, The Grand Tour.

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