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Freak Accident Results In Chilling Image Of Unconscious Man On Motorcycle

Before reading the description of this video, I honestly thought Mr. Joshua Boyd, the biker in question, was doing a trick or something. Once I found out what was really going on, it became less “cool” and more “I can’t believe he survived that.”

Boyd made it out of the accident ok, and as far as solid objects hitting you in the head while going 140+ MPH, he is incredibly lucky. Thank goodness for helmets, am I right?

While watching the video, you can see the belly pan of the yellow ZX10R coming loose and flying offscreen. Boyd then appears on the left side of the video, limp and completely unconscious. Boyd remained upright on the bike for a bit before sliding onto the grass and rolling off.

Boyd gave his account on the incident, where he places the blame (rightfully) on a careless owner and the trackday organizers who clearly do not bother to check equipment prior to the event:

“03/06/2017 could of easily been my last day due to the faults of another person. This incident was caused by carelessness from the owner of the Yellow ZX10R. Properly fastened and secured bodywork doesn’t ‘fall off’. The bellypan made impact with my head at speeds easily exceeding 140mph. I was knocked unconscious immediately, allowing my body to fall back and drape off the side of the bike.

I doubt the Trackday Organisers will ever scrutinise machinery, they are covered against loss of life in their Terms and Conditions, it’s not in their interest to hold the hands of those who cannot help themselves.

I will certainly never do a Trackday again. I’ll stick with the Official BSB Tests and respectable Club Racing Organisations where machines are checked for safety prior to riding!”

Glad you’re ok, Mr. Boyd!

Tony Hsieh

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