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Lewis Hamilton Opens the Ultimate Plant-Based Burger Spot in New York

Lewis Hamilton, the 7-time F1 world champion, is making headlines off the racetrack by expanding his business ventures to include a burger restaurant in the heart of New York City. Despite recent challenges on the track, Hamilton’s net worth continues to soar into the hundreds of millions, with investments that include a stake in the NFL’s Denver Broncos and various other enterprises.

Neat in Nolita: The Latest Addition to Hamilton’s Growing Chain of Plant-Based Eateries

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Opening its doors on April 17, the new Neat in Nolita restaurant is the latest in Hamilton’s expanding Neat brand. Aiming to promote plant-based diets, the Formula 1 superstar is bringing his commitment to veganism to the masses with this fast-growing chain of eateries.

Neat Burger’s attention-grabbing slogan, “0% Cow, 100% Wow,” is making a splash in the fast-food scene as the chain rapidly expands. As a strong proponent of veganism, Hamilton has invested in Neat Burger to make plant-based dining more accessible to everyone. The chain stays true to its principles by using plant-based ingredients and providing a wide array of vegan options for customers seeking to incorporate more plant-based meals into their diets.

From Park Avenue Pop-Up to Permanent NYC Fixture: Neat Burger Sets Its Roots in Nolita

The Nolita Neat Burger location signifies the chain’s permanent presence in New York City, following a successful six-month stint in Urbanspace on Park Avenue. The expansion has even garnered the support of Hollywood heavyweight Leonardo DiCaprio.

In a press release, Hamilton expressed his enthusiasm for the venture, stating:

“The response to Neat Burger since we opened has been incredible. I’m really proud of the boundaries we have been able to push in this space and the plans for expansion are really exciting.”

With the backing of both Lewis Hamilton and Leonardo DiCaprio, Neat Burger is set to leave a significant impact on the fast-food industry. By combining a passion for plant-based cuisine, celebrity support, and a drive to create positive change, Neat Burger is making it easier than ever for customers to choose sustainable, delicious, and accessible plant-based dining options.

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