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Gordon Murray, Designer Of The McLaren F1, To Start His Own Car Company

Gordon Murray, the famed automotive designer that gave us the iconic McLaren F1, has announced that he is starting his own car company. Named Gordon Murray Automotive, the company will build cars that focus on being lightweight.

Gordon Murray Automotive will be a part of the larger corporate organization known as Gordon Murray Design. With his 50th anniversary in automotive engineering and design coming up, it seems the time is perfect for an announcement of his new project.

“The new manufacturing business significantly expands the capabilities of our group of companies. With our first new car, we will demonstrate a return to the design and engineering principles that have made the McLaren F1 such an icon.”

Gordon Murray Automotive will utilize a new version of its efficient iStream manufacturing process, which borrows heavily from Formula One construction and materials tech to make low weight vehicles that require less energy and factory space to produce.

“An iStream chassis is essentially a hybrid structure consisting of a metallic frame (iFrame) and composite sandwich panels (iPanels)…The resultant Hybrid structure (iStream) delivers an entirely new lightweight automotive platform that meets all the demands of corrosion protection, strength, stiffness and crash performance at a fraction of the typical investment cost of conventional car platforms today.”

Murray also mentioned that his ideal supercar would weigh less than 2,000 lbs and would feature a low cost due to use of the iStream process.

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