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Gran Turismo Sport To Go Back To Basics

Microsoft unveiled Forza Motorsport 7 on Sunday, and of course, Sony was ready to counter during their press conference last night. At the PlayStation presser, a new trailer for Gran Turismo Sport was shown, giving some better details for the direction of the franchise and a release window.

Perhaps the biggest piece of news for those eagerly awaiting GT Sport (other than the amazing trailer we got) is the release window. While no specific date was given, Sony did state that the game will be release “this fall:”

In the trailer released yesterday, we got some details on the direction the game is taking, narrated by previous GT Academy winners. The trailer lamented the fact that the Gran Turismo series has become more about collecting cars than a game that focuses on the racing experience. It’s time for a soft reboot of the franchise and to put the focus back on racing cars instead of collecting them.

As a longtime GT player (since day one with GT1!) I agree; the series, while still fun in terms of racing, has basically turned into Car Pokemon with a “gotta catch ’em all” mentality. When your car roster numbers in the thousands and you have 50+ Nissan Skylines to choose from, it might be time to dial back the number of cars a bit.

Sport will feature 137 cars divided into four classes; from GT4 to GT1. Most will be existing cars, but in Gran Turismo tradition, there will be GT concept cars included as well. The locations will come in at 19 total, offering 27 configurations between the tracks offered.

In addition to in-game details, we also know that Gran Turismo Sport will be best experienced on the PS4 Pro, which will allow 4K and HDR output with a 64% increase in colors.

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