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F1 News: McLaren Chief Hopeful – “Potential We Didn’t Exploit”

McLaren’s team principal, Andrea Stella, has expressed optimism regarding the 2024 MCL38 F1 car, highlighting untapped potential compared to Red Bull’s design philosophy. Despite encountering a fuel system issue during pre-season testing, Stella remains confident in the car’s development trajectory.

Key Takeaways:

  • Andrea Stella underscores untapped performance potential in McLaren’s 2024 MCL38, differing from Red Bull’s RB20.
  • Despite a minor setback in pre-season testing due to a fuel system issue, McLaren remains confident in their development.
  • Previous mid-season upgrades, influenced by Red Bull’s RB19, showcased performance gains in 2023, but Stella emphasizes the significant differences in the MCL38’s design and ongoing development.

During the second day of pre-season testing in Bahrain, McLaren faced a fuel system problem, disrupting their running time. However, Stella remains unfazed, citing the substantial progress made in comparison to previous testing challenges.

Stella highlighted the evolution of McLaren’s design, emphasizing disparities from Red Bull’s approach. Speaking to the media, he explained, “It is completely different. Let’s say there are some areas of the car in the launch specification that have significantly evolved compared to last year – some of them very noticeable. There are some other areas that are only incrementally improved, but we see in development, there is actually quite a lot of potential that we didn’t exploit in time to put on the launch car.”

Stella further clarified the distinction, stating, “It has nothing to do with a major redesign which would be required to achieve what Red Bull has done. Ok, we are confident in our development, we are confident in the concepts we have in the car, but if anything, it is a matter of how far you are in the journey. Clearly, they have been ahead in the tourney and they sort of keep this margin in terms of where they are positioned.”

McLaren’s focus remains on maximizing the untapped potential within the MCL38, aiming to close the performance gap with Red Bull as the 2024 F1 season progresses.

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