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Halloween Night Is MUCH Better If You Don’t Run Over Kids

Halloween has got to be one of the best party nights of the year! It was my favorite night of the year as a child. We ran around the streets like we owned them, gathering as much candy as we could, as if it were a contest, until the wee hours of the night. Of course, as I got older the fun only continued! As girls became more important in my life, Halloween night with all its exotic costumes became even more enjoyable; but from an entirely different perspective!

Sexy Halloween via TheGloss

So, I would like to take the time and wish everyone enjoyable memories from this year’s Halloween festivities. Tomorrow morning, I hope you wake up with nothing but fond remembrances of the previous night’s celebrations. Hopefully, you will be at work telling your coworkers all about the great time you had and how cool the Uber driver was that took you (and perhaps someone else?) home after the party.

Preferably, when morning comes, you won’t find your car wrapped around a tree, or find yourself hand-cuffed to a gurney in a hospital, or wake up in a jail cell. Hopefully, you won’t find that the day after Halloween you are spending time talking to lawyers and police officers. Hopefully, you won’t have seen grieving parents mourning the loss of their child.

Jail and Alcohol via The Free Thought Project

Please remember what it was like when you were young; running the streets wild with your friends. If you have to drive, drive extra cautiously as little ghouls, goblins, and witches will certainly be darting in and out of parked cars with little care about their personal safety. You, as the excellent driver we all know you are, have to take that extra care needed for their safety; that with all the Halloween glee, we know the children have abandoned for the night.

Halloween kids running via Pluff Mud Kids

From all of us here at GT Nation, please have a safe and fun Halloween! But if you’re going to be drinking, do us all a favor and get a taxi, call Uber, phone a friend, whatever… just leave the keys at home tonight.

Keep driving sober my friends!

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