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Ok, This Is Definitely The Last Laferrari

499. That’s how many LaFerraris there were originally going to be. Then, last year, one final car rolled off the line to be auctioned for charity. It was going to a good cause. But that was it, right? Apparently not.

Ferrari has announced it’s going to build one last LaFerrari Aperta, which will also be auctioned for charity at the Leggenda E Passione put on by RM Sotheby. It’s expected to go anywhere between $3 and $4 milion, which is close to what used examples are fetching on the secondhand market (if it stays closer to $3 million, which it won’t, it could actually be a decent deal).

Of course, the last LaFerrari has to be special in some way, so what’s it going to have? More power? More aero? Back seats? A landau top? A jet engine? Nope. It’s got special paint. You’re essentially paying $4 million for fancy livery and bragging rights.

Of course, even though you don’t get that much over a standard LaFerrari, let’s not forget what kind of car this thing is. It’s got 950bhp, a massive naturally aspirated V12, and James May called it “the greatest car in the world.” So it’s still got quite a bit going for it.

If you want to get your hands on the last LaFerrari, good news! You’ve still got time. The LaFerrari Aperta #210 (its official title) hasn’t actually been assembled yet, but it’s supposed to bow on September 9th at an official Ferrari 70th Anniversary shindig. And if you had your heart set on a new LaFerrari but don’t want a convertible, Italian automakers (looking at you here, Pagani) have an infamous inability to reign themselves in with the special editions. Don’t lose hope yet.

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