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Hear The Roar Of The SSC Tuatara’s 1,750hp V8 During Testing

The SSC Tuatara, according to its makers, will be hitting the 300mph mark when it’s finished. And only a few days ago, the car took one more step towards its goal. As you can see (and hear) from the video below, its 1,750bhp V8 is being tested before it makes its run to the big 3 double 0.

Press play and listen the all 5.9-litres roar into life as it climbs rpm. Surprisingly, it doesn’t sound as dramatic as you expect an engine pushing four-figure power figures to sound. But with Nelson Racing Engines working in cooperation with SSC, we know it’s the real deal.

But the two companies aren’t looking to pull the wool over our eyes. Nelson Racing Engines have stated that on normal unleaded fuel, it will ‘only’ be producing around 1350bhp. Only on pure E85 racing fuel will the engine be running the full power levels.

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It’s difficult producing that much power, even from such a large engine, but they’ve made it easier by fitting two fuel injectors to each cylinder to allow as much go-juice as possible to enter the engine. And to compliment the incredible power levels the engine will be producing, the car only weighs 1247kg dry, and will rev to 8,800rpm.Oh, and it will have a drag coefficient of less than 0.279.

SSC isn’t the only company looking to hit 300mph. Hennessey is also fighting for top spot, as is Koenigsegg and Bugatti. We’ll take bets below in the comments as to who will get there first!

Alex Harrington

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