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Check Out This Cosworth Powered BMW E36 With A Massive Diffuser

We’ve shown you plenty of mad hillclimb cars in the past. It’s in fact one of our favourite past times – searching YouTube for cars that exude speed with sharp fins and rear diffuser the size of a Mazda Mx5. But I think we’ve outdone ourselves here.

If you can see the car behind the diffuser, you’ll recognise it as a E36 BMW 3-series. But it’s changed slightly since its humble beginnings as a 320i. It’s now wider, with wider slick tyres underneath its arches, aero has been improved via the two very obvious changes at the rear and front splitters and wings, but the big changes come underneath the bonnet.

There sits a Cosworth YB engine, but with a bit of anti-lag goodness, it’s got one hell of a soundtrack, plus heavy performance gains.

Take just three minutes out of your day, sit back and watch. If you really haven’t got time to spare, at least listen to the machine’s exhaust shoot like Eastwood in a cowboy movie.


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