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Hennessey Reveals Early Venom F5 Hypercar Renders


Hennessey, who has been slowly teasing and developing their 1800+ hp and 1193 lb-ft of torque Venom F5 hypercar since 2014, have recently gone and released some early renders of the beast. With its entirely carbon fiber chassis and 310+ mph top speed, the F5 has been highly anticipated, and is slated for its grand debuted at The Quail during Monterey car week this August.

When compared to more recent images of the prototype builds, you can see it appears to have lost some weight since its inception. The hood and roofline both appear to be tapered down slightly, and the scoops and skirts show off more visible carbon, as opposed to paint. It’s possible the Venom F5 has been made to hug the ground even tighter, unless these slight changes are a trick of the eye.

Of course, downforce will be the Venom’s best friend, since its 6.6L V8 twin-turbo “Fury” engine will be locked inside of a state-of-the-art chassis weighing only 86 kilograms, or 190 lbs! I still can’t comprehend how this beautiful little car can fit so much horses in its sleek compact body. With the ability to make 1800 hp at 8000 rpm, and such a dainty footprint, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the Venom could literally fly depending on weather conditions.

The first three of 24 Venom F5s are currently in production to begin testing in the coming months. Half of those are for the US market, and almost sold out. Of course, if you have $1.8 million ready to throw down, one can still be yours.

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