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Dodge Challenger Hellcat Blows Past Police Going 168MPH – Karma Follows


We’ve been seeing  a lot of highway hijinx and speeding shenanigans lately, since the roads have been all but abandoned by “non-essentials.” This instance, reported by the Ontario Police, just may deserve the Guinness World Record for worst luck while speeding.

Most of us, when flying past the police going 271 kph (169 mph) in a 110 kph zone (68 mph), in a bright green Challenger Hellcat nonetheless, would do all in our power to NOT WRECK. Well, sometimes, despite how carefully you’re driving, a tire just…blows.

A little after midnight on Saturday, in Hawkesbury, Ontario, exactly this happened. A police officer was sitting in his cruiser, waiting for potential traffic violations, when a neon green Dodge Challenger Hellcat came past at over twice the speed limit. Then, right as they were about to react, the Hellcat blew a rear tire.

According to the Police Department’s facebook, the car was impounded, and the driver lost his license for a week. That seems pretty lenient, considering he was cited with careless driving, having cannabis readily available, and stunt. Surely that last bit was a cheeky jab at his little accident. Which may expect why his license was only taken for a week; they felt a little embarrassed for him.

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