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Henrik Fisker Accidentally Reveals New ‘Alaska’ Electric Pickup Truck

Electric pickup trucks are looking to become the new SUVs as every company and their moms watch the Tesla Cybertruck sell like hotcakes. Fisker is the latest manufacturer to reveal theirs, but they apparently did it by mistake.

Henrik Fisker, the owner of Fisker, accidentally uploaded the following to his Twitter account yesterday:

The tweet shows an aggressive-looking pickup truck that features a horizontal light bar that runs the full width of the rear. Two groups of vertical light bars are prominent lower down on each side of the truck, too. As you can see from the image, it’s named ‘Alaska’, hinting at plenty of off-road capability.

Shortly after the tweet was published, he replied saying “Sorry mistake: will delete.”

Car and Driver spoke to Fisker regarding this tweet, with their reply ensuring them that it was a mistake.

“We can’t confirm the model or name of a vehicle that may have been seen in the tweet,” the spokesperson said, “We can, however, confirm that Fisker Inc. is indeed working on a modular electric vehicle platform that may underpin several different affordable EV models in the future.”

The electric pickup truck sector is rapidly growing, with us only discussing the new Nikola Badger a few days ago. We’ll be interested to see how popular these cars are once they hit the market.

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