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Dodge Neon Driver Crashes And Flips Car After Not Paying Attention

In a frightening dashcam clip, a Dodge Neon crashes and flips in Johnston, Rhode Island late last month. The impressive incident was caught on camera by a driver following the car, who had to swerve out of the way to avoid being involved.

In just a number of seconds from the start of the video, the car that’s in front of the camera starts drifting from the left lane into the right lane without any indication. It’s possible that the driver was on their phone, however, this can’t be confirmed. It could also be that the driver fell asleep behind the wheel, or simply lost concentration while driving.

The Neon hits something large and heavy on the side of the road and promptly flips with the car veering towards the middle lane. The camera car quickly steers out of the way of the upside-down car into oncoming traffic, but thankfully makes it to the other side before stopping their vehicle.

The camera car driver says the driver of the Neon was “banged up but conscious” after the crash and it wasn’t long until the emergency services arrived at the scene to assist.

We don’t know why the driver wasn’t paying attention, but it just notes the importance of watching the road and not letting anything take away your concentration while driving, especially something like a phone.

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  1. OMG, thats terrifying! I dread to think what it is like to be involved in something like that. Shows the importance of not distracting yourself with gadgets while driving.

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