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Honda Civic Typre R Variants Could Be On The Way

The Honda Civic Type R is finally on sale in the US, and it looks like a barrel of fun. Regardless of where your car interests lie; whether it’s in muscle cars, JDM, or exotic supercars, you have to admit that the Type R is something that we needed (much like the Focus RS).

The Type R currently boasts 306 HP, pretty impressive for what it essentially a souped up FWD grocery getter (pitchforks down, I know the Type R is a totally different beast than a normal Civic). If the Type R is still not enough for you, then Honda may have you covered.

CREDIT: AutoBlog

An article in Automotive News reveals that Hideki Matsumoto, Honda’s chief engineer for the Civic lineup, is planning a number of variants to the Type R in order to broaden the appeal beyond the first enthusiasts. “We’re hoping that by gradually putting out more [variants] that we’ll be able to maintain a more stable sales volume.”

First up would be a sportier, more powerful version of the Type R. Just how much more powerful the Type R needs to be is beyond me, but being the owner of a performance car myself, I understand the need for more everything. Do I need it? Of course not, but I sure as hell WANT it.

Also in the works is a more civilized grand touring version. No details were really given on what this would involve or if the power would be toned down, but I suspect it would simply be a Type R with a “comfort/tech package” to make long drives a bit more comfortable. Maybe some comfier suspension as well, though if it affects performance, I could see that as being a problem.

CREDIT: AutoBlog

Perhaps the most intriguing is an all wheel drive Type R that would compete directly with the Volkswagen Golf R, Subaru WRX STi, and Ford Focus RS. Considering most of the Type R’s competitors come standard with AWD, it would make sense to target the “I’m rally driver” demographic.

The Honda Civic Type R is finally here in the States, but it looks like the rollout of different variants is just beginning!

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