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Hyundai Sonata Driver Keeps Driving Despite Losing Front Tyre

What would you do if, somehow, you suddenly lost a front wheel while you were driving home from work. You’d pull over, right? Like, straight away? No way would you want to put your own life and others in danger, damage your car, and risk getting pulled over a fined massively for dangerous driving.

Well, the driver of this Hyundai Sonata is either too stupid, or too much of an a**hole to pull over when they lost their front left tyre. There’s no real evidence to show us how this happened apart from some damage to the front bumper and sideskirt, but it’s safe to say regardless of how it happened, this driver shouldn’t be on the road.

We can’t be sure whether the driver has even realised that they’ve got this damage on their car, as we’ve heard stories of oblivious drivers not reacting to similar issues. It’s just unbelievable that there are people who either think this is okay, or are allowed to drive while they’re not able to identify such an issue while driving.

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