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Jeremy Clarkson Shows His Support For #SaveMyanmar

In a recent video published by Jeremy Clarkson, he shows his support for Myanmar as thousands of protestors take to the streets of the Asian country against the Feb. 1 military coup d ‘etat and brutal violence against civilians.

He’s videos by who we assume to be Lisa Hogan, his girlfriend, with his three fingers on his right hand help up in the air. The Grand Tour presenter stumbles over the potential hashtags for the movement, before saying, “just save it, look after it, stop ignoring it.”

The video has racked up almost 450,000 views on Twitter alone, with fans reaching out to the presenter to ask what was happening in Burma.

Clarkson travelled to Burma (now named Myanmar) for a Top Gear Special episode alongside Richard Hammond and James May. The episode was aired in 2014 and was widely praised by fans who loved the idea of them exploring the country in three lorries.

It was later remembered when it was later revealed that Jeremy Clarkson has made racist remarks while filming himself and Hammond reacting to the bridge they’d just built within the episode. You can see it in the video below:

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