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Insane Off-Road Chevrolet Corvette Shows Jeremy Clarkson’s Bentley MFB Who’s Boss

A Chevrolet Corvette C4 has gone up for sale in Canada which doesn’t sound like a very newsworthy piece of information, until you see what the current owners have done to it.

The owners have ignored everything that gravitates most people towards the sports car such as the handling and the 0-62 mph time below three seconds. Instead, they have turned into an off-roading beast.


The C4, which is on sale for $5,500, has been given some aftermarket modifications, some being more obvious than others. The first thing everyone will notice is the body has been elevated by the off-road chassis and 35″ tyres. Once you get over the initial shock of that, you will notice the Corvette has also been given a new rear wing and angular side skirts.

According to the listing, the chassis is from a 1990 Ford Bronco. This is how the description of the sale from Kijiji describes the car:

“Parade Queen Award winning Corvette, Ultimate mascot for your business! Good V8 side by side. Will get more attention than any Ferrari. Dana 44 high pinion in rear, Real twin Ibeam IFS in the front.

“Can run front wheel drive, four-wheel-drive or rear wheel drive. Rear steering is just locked with a plate right now. Just need to add hydraulics to make it function for crab walking.

The description goes on to state that the car hasn’t been used in a number of years but has been run when stationary, so it will need some work to get it back to its off-roading glory.

This may be the strangest modification to a Chevrolet Corvette that we have seen, but it is sure to turn heads whilst going on an off-road adventure.

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