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Introducing The New Widebody Lexus LC500

The Tokyo based company  ‘Artisan Spirits’ have done it again! Dragging an LC500 through the mill of their 20+ years’ worth of experience in automotive modification and their specific interest in carbon re-enforced plastics, we are left with this staple of automotive gratitude.

Artisan Spirits have already proven their emblazoned love for Lexus over quite a few other modifications to other models, however in our opinion this is one of their finer works.  With its impressively practical yet aggressive lowered stance, slick yet prominent wing and sweeping beauty of that extra-wide body to complement the little features that can be taken in from all angles, it is quite the statement of authority.

However, the modifications do not stop at the aesthetic; they are also followed up by performance components to match. This particular creation has been adorned with an all new  KW suspension setup, superior stopping power in the form of larger brakes and topped out with Sparco bucket seats to keep you clamped in with the added 40bhp produced by a 5.6 litre, 518 BHP increase over the original LC500’s 470bhp 5 litre block.

Here at GTN we have a taste for the Japanese modified market and this one has definitely not gone unnoticed… bucket list worthy that’s for sure.

If you had a choice out of Artisan Spirits other modified vehicles including this one, which would you pick?

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