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Jeep Gladiator Almost Hits motorcyclist Then Argues That He Was In The Right

In the US, a Jeep Gladiator driver almost hit an unsuspecting motorcyclist earlier this month. The entire incident was recorded on a camera mounted on the motorcyclist’s helmet.

The video was uploaded to Reddit, where it has become viral and received over 100,000 upvotes. The rider is seen travelling in the left lane of a three-lane road ahead of him when a silver Gladiator suddenly turns in front of him.

Its a jeep thing? (excuse my language I was upset) from IdiotsInCars

With the Jeep obviously not stopping, the motorcyclist revs his engine trying to get the attention of the driver as he blocks his way. But this doesn’t help as the Jeep driver continues to move his truck in front of traffic. The bike has to swerve to the left to avoid the car before swearing at the Jeep owner and smacking the side of the vehicle out of anger.

Obviously, the Jeep driver has just made a huge mistake, but this doesn’t stop him from getting out of his car and shouting back at the motorcycle, telling him that he should have been watching where he was going as he was doing a U-turn. Seriously.

Thankfully, this is where the argument stops as both involved return to their vehicles and move on.

No wonder action cameras are used so much by bikers…

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