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Jessi Combs, Officially The Fastest Woman On Earth

Last August, while attempting a land-speed record attempt in Oregon’s Alvord Desert, Jessi Combs reached a top speed of 548.432 mph. Tragically, the run ended with a fatal accident. Now, Guinness Book of World Records has certified Combs as the fastest woman on Earth.

Even though the announcement comes posthumously, the achievement represents a greater legacy left by the amazing lady. First becoming the fastest woman in 2013, Combs used a four-wheeled North American Supersonic Speed Challenger to reach 398 mph.

Shortly after, Kitty O’Neil used a jet-powered three-wheeled car to break Combs’ record, by travelling 512.710 mph. As insane of a leap that seemed, it wasn’t enough to stop Combs from re-taking the top position on the leader board.

Returning to the site of the previous two record-breaking attempts, Combs blasted through the Oregon’s Alvord Desert one last time, traveling at an average speed of 522.783 mph. Guinness took a two-way average of the speeds to acknowledge Combs’ accomplishment.

The authorities cited the cause of the accident as “striking an object on the desert.” Of course, considering the astronomical speed which the vehicle was traveling at, any kind of collision could result in a death.

The North American Eagle Supersonic Speed Challenger team now continues on, knowing that their former member accomplished her dreams and they met their goal. Jessi Combs, officially the fastest woman on Earth.


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