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This 1978 Datsun 280Z Black Pearl Outshines Any Modern Nissan

Sometimes a find on BringATrailer hits a little extra hard. This 1978 Datsun 280Z in its fantastic condition did just that. Sporting a 2.8L inline-six and four-speed manual transmission, the Black Pearl Metallic painted Datsun definitely isn’t as much of a performer as the upcoming Nissan Z. Regardless, what it lacks in modern turbos, it more than makes up for in style.

The black interior and bucket seats suit the special paint job, which also features red and silver accent stripes. With the rare colorway, which was only featured on 1,500 cars, this baby has serious pirate vibes, and a timeless look.

The 14″ wheels with 205/70 Michelin Defender tires and louvers on the rear window definitely don’t hurt its styling either. The Appearance package fitted on the Datsun also came with a pair of racing mirrors.

The car’s 2.8-liter L28 inline-six with Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection has matching numbers, and has been kept in very nice condition. As a testament to this, the 240Z was actually displayed in the Datsun Heritage Museum in California for a while.

While it was originally bought in ’78 for $9,231, it sold for $57,500 a little while ago on the auction site. Maybe next time it goes up, we’ll be in a position to swoop in and snatch it!


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