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Ken Block’s ‘Hoonifox’ Merges Mustang Foxbody and Batmobile DNA

In a particularly awesome quarantine update, Ken Block, of Hoonigan fame, has shared some of his upcoming Fox-body Ford Mustang build. Block has been working with the designer of the new Batmobile, Ash Thorp, to design the follow up to his ‘Hoonicorn’ rally-car. Naturally this new bespoke beauty is dubbed ‘Hoonifox’.

In a recent Youtube upload, the guys talk about their design choices, and how the history of the Foxbody informed their decisions. Particularly, Ken cites the wide-body, rear window louvres, and all-white Miami Vice Countach as reference. Now, personally, I don’t see the all-white making an impression. However, Thorp does show off some renders of an all carbon-fiber version, as well as a murdered-out render, later in the video.

The striking elements of this design, from the mean fender-vents to the crazy scoop on the roof, and unique rear-wing, were all painstakingly designed by Thorp with input from Block. It’s eye-opening to see the different stages of the rendering process. A “wire” version is shown with many adjustable points and all-white version showcases the pure lines and forms.

Hopefully, as soon as the world opens up a bit, we see the guys at Hoonigan jump on the build. A video of this puppy in action can’t come soon enough.

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