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Lamborghini Driver Speeds To Get Covid-19 Test – Banned On The Spot by Police

With the headlines being dominated by COVID-19 worldwide, it is refreshing when we see something topical but also a little different… this is certainly that. Let us take you to New South Wales, home to major city Sydney and the 51.5km stretch of road known as the M4 Highway.

CarAdvice first reported of a 35-year-old man being pulled over for driving his Lamborghini 99mph (160kph) in a 55mph (90kph) zone. Nothing too untoward so far, right? Lamborghini drivers own such a high-performance piece of kit that we should imagine it is pretty easy to pick up a few speeding tickets along the way… however, this one is a bit out of the ordinary.

When questioned by police the supercar owner claimed the reason for his speeding was due to him racing to Westmead Hospital to get a test for COVID-19. While this may be the case, police did not buy it and issued him a ticket and suspended his license on the spot.

Commander of Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy said of the incident:

“Drivers shouldn’t break the road rules under any circumstances, speeding endangers the life of motorists as well as pedestrians. If you think you may have symptoms of COVID-19 and want to seek help from a doctor or hospital, call ahead of time to book an appointment.”

While the driver’s antics inevitably slowed him down – he did eventually get himself to Westmead Hospital (we would assume via taxi or public transport as he has been suspended from driving his beloved Lambo) and got his test. This resulted in him taking up mandatory self-isolation, which as we all know is the best thing to do for public safety – however, with having his license suspended he can’t really go anywhere anyway.

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