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McLaren’s New Ultimate Series Car the P15; Will Be Revealed In December

We know very little about McLaren’s little teaser of their upcoming P15 Ultimate Series car, but the information we do have tells us a lot. For starters, this is not the three seater BP23 that we talked about earlier. That one looks to be a next-gen F1, while this P15 looks to replace the P1.

The P15 is set to be revealed on December 10th, and McLaren promises a “road legal track car unlike anything we’ve built before.”

Short of that, we don’t know too much about the P15. As a track focused car, expect it to have aero on top of aero. It also seems to be ditching a hybrid powertrain in favor of a turbo V8. McLaren has also stated that although the car will be road legal, some daily driving usability and comforts will be sacrificed to make for a more intense circuit experience.

There’s not much more for us to do except wait for December 10th…one minute past midnight, to be exact.

Tony Hsieh

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