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This is Richard Hammond’s Latest Purchase – A 1936 Morgan Supersport 3-Wheeler

A week ago, Hammond gave us a little tease as to what his new toy was. The teaser showed not much more than Hammond talking in front of a trailer, then pulling out a single, center plank meant to act as a “clue.” It turns out, a surprising number of people guessed correctly what car it was.

As revealed in a new DriveTribe post, the car is a 1936 Morgan Supersport 3-wheeler…hence the center plank. Richard gushes about his new car in the video, with its Matchless engine, a three-speed gearbox, levers for advance, retard, mixture and accelerator on the steering wheel. As Hammond mentions, it’s going to take some time to learn to drive.

Also, it appears that Hammond has already begun some work on it so he won’t be able to show off how the car performs, but he did give us a driveby in a 1934 Supercharge Lagonda.

The remainder of the video is Hammond in his Lagonda talking about the beauty of vintage cars and what will probably pass as the “vintage” car of the near future. Check out the video in the link below!



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