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McLaren’s Next Hypercar Will Be Called ‘Speedtail’

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A 3-seater McLaren has been on its way for a good few months, with its one objective to be the fastest car in the British marque’s lineup. Up to today, it’s been known as the BP23, which stands for Bespoke Project 2, 3-Seater. Now, the codename has been given a back seat, with the new name ‘Speedtail’ taking the wheel.

The name sounds like it should be stamped on the side of a land speed record vehicle instead of a McLaren, as this marks the first time McLaren has used something other than a alphanumeric code or racing driver name on their cars. However, the name only reflects the performance that the F1 replacement will exude.

McLaren tell us that it will be able to reach a higher top speed than the F1’s 243mph thanks to a long and aerodynamic body hinted to in the photos above. Unfortunately, if you’ve been enticed by the sweeping lines and angles teased in the press images, you’re out of luck, as all 106 units have already been bought before the reveal was even released.

The threatening Super GT performance of the Speedtail comes from a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain similar to the P1, but the interior will of course feature that central driving position that made the F1 such an interesting and sought after car. The interior will also boast luxuries that McLaren haven’t even touched upon yet, but further details are yet to be announced.

The Speedtail will be released (or at least shown in all of its glory) before this year is up. all we need to do is get in the driver’s seat.


Alex Harrington

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