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NASCAR Racecar Maxed Out At Bonneville – How Fast Are They Actually?

The lure of the salt flats can be just too much for the folk across the pond in America. Even our own Clarkson, Hammond and May have made trips there to find out just how fast they can push their cars.

The endless landscape of Utah provides the best characteristics to enable a car to reach its true top speed potential, so it’s only fair that eventually, a car that is often hindered by corners gets to try it out. The car I’m talking about is a NASCAR racecar. Usually driving on an oval and hindered by the constant turns, Bob Keselowski thought it best to see what a car could really do.

He needs one of these!

While his son, Brad Keselowski, is busy wining the past three NASCAR Cup Series races, Bob is busy setting records.

Armed with a Dodge Charger that once raced in NASCAR’s lower tier Xfinity Series for Chip Ganassi Racing, he set a speed of 271.846mph with only a few modifications to keep it on the ground.

That’s a terrifying top speed for us mere mortals, and an astonishing speed for that of a NASCAR racecar. Any chance we’ll get something like a Formula car on the flats? I doubt it, but if it happened I’d certainly watch.


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