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New BMW M3 Touring Wagon (First Ever) Officially Confirmed

BMW, for the first time in its history, is bringing us an M3 wagon. You can stand up and cheer now.

The German carmaker revealed on social media that the new BMW M3 Touring will launch after the next M4 convertible which is coming next year. We’d expect to see the wagon hitting the road later into 2022. The Coupe and Saloon variants will be coming this September.

“In Garching near Munich, home of the BMW M GmbH, work is being carried out on a further dream-come-true: For the first time in the history of the BMW M GmbH, the model range will be complemented by a BMW M3 Touring”, BMW stated.

While we’ve seen a glimpse of what the new wagon will look like, prototypes are yet to even see the road, with the first rounds of road testing coming later this year. The last time we saw an M3 wagon on the public road was in the form of the E46 M3 Concept which, unfortunately, never went further than just that.

The engine will come in the form of the S58 twin-turbo 3.0-litre inline 6, with 473hp in its lowest performance option, but with Competition models reaching just a hair over 500. Like the M5, M3 Sedan, and M4 Coupe, we expect it will be available in both rear and all-wheel-drive, and will likely be available with a manual alongside the more popular 8-speed auto, although we can’t confirm this.

We’ll be keeping our eyes out for test mules on the road in their camo, and will keep you updated with any info we come across. This is a huge turn up for the market. A new high-performance wagon? We are so ready for it.

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