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New Mazda RX-9 Render Excited Us For The Return Of The Rotary Sports Car

We’ve had so much mixed news regarding a new Rotary-powered sports car from Mazda that we’re beginning to lose interest. Who knows if the Japanese company will do it, and who knows in what form the car will take? But then we found this rendering of what a new RX could look like, and it’s set our hearts alight again. 

We loved the Vision concept Mazda released a few years back, and we’re sure the marque hasn’t given up on utilising the motor somehow whether it’s a range extender or not, but this rendering has got us short of breath and wanting more. “It’s still our dream,” said the company’s head of R&D and the chief designer back in October 2019. Well, now they have a design to work from. 

Rotary fan Enoch Gabriel Gonzales can’t wait for the new Rotary to return so has taken it into his own hands to create the new car. He told Motor1 the following:

“Many elements were taken from the RX-Vision Concept showcased in 2015, but some were also derived from the second-generation coupe from the 90s. These include the almost oval-shaped greenhouse, rear window that curves around the edges of the B-pillar, horizontal light that connects the tail lamps. The grille and headlights were also placed much lower than current Mazdas, with the emblem placed above the grille to make it more reminiscent of the original RX-7. I also included an original detail which I call the ‘eye-socket.’ This features sculptured details above the headlights that mimic a pair of closed pop-up headlights that became a trend in the 80s.”

This has to be one of the most realistic RX designs we’ve seen, embracing the new Mazda design language with its sharp nose and narrow headlights while embracing a sleek looking design at the rear with the rear lights connected via a horizontal LED light bar that follows the line of the roof. 

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It’s gorgeous, and we want to know if you like it. Place your thoughts in the comments box below so we know if you guys are down or not!

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